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Promote Tourism



Mozambique is an underestimated destination in the tourism and marketing arena. Bar major industries such as mining and urban related industries, tourism is one of the largest industries in Mozambique. The increase in tourism activities in the country, particularly in wildlife areas will directly benefit both the wildlife and the local communities. Our goal is to work with the Mozambique Government in further promoting all forms of tourism in the country.



While all forms of tourism are seen as a major contributor towards conservation, it is only as beneficial as the parameters set in place. Wildlife areas where MozParks are involved are mindful of being conservation oriented and sustainable in the activities that take place on the land.





There is a need to help our partners, the local communities, to understand the value of wildlife areas and the benefits of tourism to the areas. Our goal is to educate and train the locals to aspire to the available employment opportunities which tourism provides. Through the training facilities of the SAWC (Southern African Wildlife Collage) a respectable number of “students” from these communities have been employed in the conservation areas. It is our aim to further increase these numbers.

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